Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The BBC scrapes the barrel

Our national broadcaster exhibiting its high standards of news journalism, once again:

Oxford University students warned 'no pyjamas in hall'

Oxford University students have been warned to end the "slovenly practice" of eating breakfast in pyjamas in their dining hall.

The reprimand was set out in laminated notices entitled "Hall Manners" around Brasenose College.

"This practice evinces a failure to distinguish between public and private spaces in college", it stated...

The notice reads: "There is a clear distinction between night wear (private) and day wear (public).

"I trust that this slovenly practice will cease forthwith."

It also reminded students not to be late for dining times and that "formal gowns" should be worn at dinner.

This is apparently the top story in Oxfordshire today. Not only is 'university mildly enforces rules' hardly a story at all, but this is my college, and these notices actually went up almost exactly a year ago. Breaking news, indeed.

That licence fee is definitely worth it...

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