Thursday, 6 November 2008

Some pretty pictures

I don't spend all my time going round taking pictures in Christ Church Meadow, except that yes, that is kind of what I do. This is Magdalen Tower, from the path near Merton which some people call 'Dead Man's Walk' - a fact not to be thought about too much when the night is falling like this!Christ Church itself, of course:

The English Faculty is one of the ugliest buildings in Oxford - it's of the 'concrete block' school of architecture (not to mention that most of the rooms in it, apart from the library, are underground). On the way there from the centre of town you're still entertained by one or two lovely things, though, such as this tree which I suspect belongs to New College - or at least those are their towers in the background.

Just one more:

Lincoln College, at its best time of year.