Friday, 2 April 2010

Good Friday: Jesus doth himself bemoan

Jesus doth himself bemoan
And speketh to sinful man:
"Thy garland is of green,
Of flowers many a one;
Mine of sharp thorns -
My hew it maketh wan.
Thine hands streite gloved,
White and clene kept;
Mine with nails thorled
On Rood, and eke my feet.
Across thou bearest thine arms
Whan thou dancest narewe*;
To me thou hast none awe,
But to world's glory.
Mine for thee on Rood
With the Jews wode
With great ropes to-drawe.
Open thou hast thy side,
Spayers long and wide,
For vainglory and pride,
And thy long knife astrout* -
Thou art of the gay rout;
Mine with spear sharp
Istongen to the heart,
My body with scourges smart
Beswongen all about.
All that I tholede on Rood for thee
To me was shame and sorrow;
Well little thou lovest me
And less thou thinkest on me,
At even and eke amorrow.
Sweet brother, well might thou see
These pains strong on Rood Tree
Have I tholed for love of thee.
They that have wrought it me
May sing "Welaway".
Be thou kind, per charite,
Let thy sin and love thou me -
Heaven bliss I shall give thee,
That lasteth ay and o."

* when you dance closely
* i.e. your clothes are decoratively slashed (to show a colourful undershirt), with a dagger worn by the side; note the pun on 'spayers', the name of these fashionable slits, and 'spears' a few lines later.

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