Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Quomodo se habet homo?

Quomodo se habet homo?
How should man be considered?

Also þe lanterne in þe wynd þat sone is aqueynt,
Ase sparkle in þe se þat sone is adreynt,
Ase vom in þe strem þat sone is tothwith,
Ase smoke in þe lift þat passet oure sith.

As the lantern in the wind that soon is quenched,
As the spark in the sea that soon is drenched,
As foam in the stream that soon leaves the light,
As smoke in the air that fades from our sight.

William Herebert

(Apologies: 'sone is tothwith' means 'soon is gone'; nothing to do with light. I just couldn't resist the rhyme.)

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