Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Just Pretty

Medieval floor tiles in the parish church of Muchelney, Somerset.

The tiles were moved to the church from the nearby abbey, which is now in ruins, and laid in the chancel.

Light from the stained-glass window is just a bonus, of course.


Trychay said...

Thanks you for the reminder of the tiles. Alas, my recollection was largely of the angels on the roof. Doubtless you are of a more holy disposition than I.

Clerk said...

Well, I certainly *remember* the angels... but my camera had run out of battery at that point, and besides, they aren't medieval ;)

Fiordelisa said...

These are beautiful...the light on the tiles. I've never worshipped where there are stained glass windows, but it reminds me of this passage from The Dean's Watch (Elizabeth Goudge), "Looking down she saw with pleasure how her wide silk skirts were faintly patterned with the far colors of the stained-glass windows. Her slim gloved hands lay in a patch of purple light, as though she held violets."