Friday, 2 July 2010

St Martin's Summer

Another Robert Louis Stevenson gem. This is massively unseasonal, since 'St Martin's summer' is what is otherwise referred to as an 'Indian Summer', the unexpected last days of warmth in October/November (Martinmas being November 11th, if I remember rightly). But it's only a metaphor, you know! (See what I've learned from six years studying English literature).

And anyway, this is just lovely.

St Martin's Summer

As swallows turning backward
When half-way o'er the sea,
At one word's trumpet summons
They came again to me -
The hopes I had forgotten
Came back again to me.

I know not which to credit,
O lady of my heart!
Your eyes that bade me linger,
Your words that bade us part -
I know not which to credit,
My reason or my heart.

But be my hopes rewarded,
Or be they but in vain,
I have dreamed a golden vision,
I have gathered in the grain -
I have dreamed a golden vision,
I have not lived in vain.

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