Friday, 17 April 2009


There comes a time when you just can't put any more pictures of Christ Church Meadow on facebook, lest your friends start to think you're obsessed, and stop reading your witty captions and clever anthropomorphic tags. This distressed me, for it seemed the end of all opportunity to share my photographic self-indulgence. Then I remembered that I had a blog (bear with me, I'm slow; I spend most of my time in the fourteenth century) where no one will see or care how many photos I post. And thus - look, daffodils!:

The Botanical Gardens:

Holywell Cemetery, my second favourite place to take the same photo over and over again (it's right next to the English Faculty! The temptation is just too much for me):

Lastly... well, I like this picture, because it made me think of medieval carvings of Eve and the Tree of Knowledge (note the long hair) - or perhaps it's Yggdrasil...

It would be better if the tree had, like, apples on it or something, or there were some deer around, but never mind.