Friday, 25 October 2013

Just a Picture

I have a large number of half-written posts sitting in my drafts folder at the moment, mostly consisting of photographs for which I can't yet find the right words.  The fate of good intentions!  Not even half written is an intended post on the church of Bishopsbourne in Kent, which has extensive medieval wall-paintings and some bits of fourteenth-century glass, including this angel.  There are four like him, with different coloured wings (and all with the same well-defined toes).  But he will have to stand in for all of them, and for much more, until I can find the energy to go in search of the right words.


Anonymous said...

It is good to post simple pictures of beautiful images such as this and to give some speculation about it- and invite readers to speculate the meaning - often we do not give enough time to consider these ancient artifacts of people in former time and history and what they experienced or what they are trying to communicate- it seems that this particular cherub is very realistic and one can sense the reverence in his gestures as well as the emotion as his face beholds some heavenly event, and he invites one to solemnity as well as humility over some aspect of salvation history- Maybe the impoverishment of his shoeless feet are meant to demonstrate humility-

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your well- intentioned pictures! You could mention which church it is from- It is a most wonderful rendition of an angel and an extraordinary stained glass window- I would love to see the rest of this church