Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The lark to its nest, the stream to the ocean

I love this song, which was written by 'A. C. Macleod', i.e. Annie Campbell Macleod, i.e. Lady Wilson, who collected the tune of the Skye Boat Song while being rowed across Loch Coruisk. I'm informed that 'Mhairi bhan og' means 'Mary my fair'.

Mhairi bhan og, my ain only deaire,
My winsome, my bonnie wee bride,
Let the world gang and a' the lave wi' it
Gin ye are but left by my side.
The lark to its nest, the stream to the ocean,
The star to its home in the west,
And I to my Mary, and I to my darling,
And I to the ane I love best.

Time sall not touch thee, nor trouble come near thee,
Thou maunna grow old like the lave,
And gin ye gang, Mary, the way o' the weary,
I'll follow thee soon to the grave.
A glance o' thy e'en wad banish a' sorrow,
A smile, and fareweel to a' strife,
For peace is beside thee, and joy is around thee,
And love is the light o' thy life.

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