Thursday, 1 September 2011

More on the Viking Siege of Canterbury...

... and the 1000th anniversary thereof. Following up on my previous post, the programme of lectures and events is now available here. I'm particularly pleased to see the special Evensong in honour of St Alphege, because I've posted before about how wonderful the regular annual commemoration of St Thomas Becket is at Canterbury (just so cool), so you can be sure they'll do this well. And the lectures should be excellent - there is so much of interest in the subject of the Vikings in England, and it's something so few people know about! Well, I would say that; but there really is...

If you've found this post because you would like to know something about the context for the 1011 Viking siege of Canterbury and the reign of Ethelred the Unready, let me suggest the following posts:

The story of Archbishop Alphege

Anselm and Alphege

The Battle of Maldon

The St Brice's Day Massacre

Ethelred and Edward the Confessor

and passim...

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