Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Jubilee in Oxford

At the time of the Queen's Golden Jubilee, I was a teenager living at home in Kent and doing my GCSE exams. I remember going to a service of thanksgiving in my little parish church, on a Sunday so sunny that the honey-coloured church was golden with light. I don't remember if I gave any thought then to where I might be at the time of the Diamond Jubilee - did we expect to see one? - but I certainly didn't think I would be at Oxford. But here am I, and so here are some pictures of this very moment, history even as it happens: celebrations to mark the Diamond Jubilee, June 2012.

Christ Church college flying the Union flag.

Red, white and blue balloons add a festive touch to Christ Church Cathedral.

Oxford's Jubilee beacon, on top of Magdalen tower.

Towers at sunset, yesterday evening.

The Grand Cafe!

The moon rising over Magdalen. It rose huge and orange-coloured - it was one of those times when you can't be sure you're looking at the moon and not an alien spacecraft.

The moon and the towers of All Souls.

Radcliffe Square.

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