Monday, 9 April 2012

Now the spring has come again, joy and warmth will follow

This is a translation of a medieval springtime song from the Piae Cantiones collection, 'In vernali tempore'. The translation is by Steuart Wilson, from the Oxford Book of Carols; the tune, which is also from Piae Cantiones, is beautiful:

Now the spring has come again, joy and warmth will follow;
Cold and wet are quite forgot, northward flies the swallow;
Over sea and land and air spring's soft touch is everywhere
And the world looks cleaner;
All our sinews feel new strung, hearts are light that once were wrung,
Youthful zests are keener.

All the woods are new in leaf, all the fruit is budding,
Bees are humming round the hive, done with winter's brooding;
Seas are calm and blue again, clouds no more foretell the rain,
Winds are soft and tender;
High above, the kingly sun laughs once more his course to run,
Shines in all his splendour.

God is in the midst of her, God commands her duty;
Earth does but reflect his light, mirrors back his beauty;
God's the fount whence all things flow, great and small, above, below,
God's their only maker:
We but poorest patterns are of that Mind beyond compare,
God our great Creator.

Easter Monday last year...

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